Do something fun

I played a cad game called Hanabi with my roommates. In the game you are trying to complete 5 stacks of five cards following color and number as a group. However, you are unable to see your own cards. You are able to give hints to other players about the cards they have in their hand. I wanted to play some sort of board or card game and my neighbor is a board and card game aficionado. Hanabi is one of his favorite games and is now one of my favorite.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

I only did my map in the software.

Suggested Themes

Biking: I think biking is a good theme to explore because biking lends itself to many other bigger themes. Exercise is both good for your physical and mental health. There are many things you could make for bikes or bikers alike.

Avoiding spoiled food: Avoiding spoiled food is a good way to avoid getting sick and having to go to the hospital or a doctor. Being sick because of bad food is very unpleasant and can affect your mental health as well as your physical health.

Not doing hard drugs: Hard drugs can lead you down a path of bad decisions for all aspects of your health. If we are able to help prevent that we can prevent unhappy, unhealthy choices affect many peoples lives

10 Silly Ideas

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