17 years later…

17 years ago today I stared up at a screen in a hallway of my college and understood that the world I was born into was a world I could not trust to support the desires of my heart or my conscious evolution in any way.

I did not cry, I was not afraid. I understood that I would have to walk the path of a warrior and uncover a new way of being, one standing in complete contrast to all constructions of the modern western reality. I knew the day that it happened that 9/11 was an orchestrated event because I felt it in my energy body and I saw through to the war game. And so I rejected government, I rejected capitalism and consumerism, I rejected all information that was marketed to me from behind advertisements and mainstream media, I rejected all societal norms for behaviour and conduct, and I rejected all power outside myself. I began my stealth mission as a heretical investigator and an undercover agent of love and light. I did not know then that this act of defiance was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

It took over a decade more before I learned enough to survive without all of the false securities that the elite mind-controls humanity with. In the last few years, my expansion has accelerated beyond my wildest expectations and as I continue to integrate into my daily practices and rituals the understanding of the true nature of reality, I recognize just how much healing for the collective lies ahead…

Take a Quantum Leap with me…

There are two words I want to introduce you to.

Knowing, with a capital K: 
That state in which Truth channels into your awareness, your inherent intelligence and birthright. There are times when you just Know things, right? You Know your child is in trouble, you Know that stranger digs you, you Know you’re making a bad decision, you Know this new house or car is for you. Knowing comes from your heart chakra not your mind and this intuition is your access to Universal Truth, the Truth beyond the chaotic chatter of the fearful human mind. Knowing supersedes belief, as belief is constructed by your family, your early life experiences, your societal conditioning, and is fallible. You cannot trust belief, you must step into Knowing. For this, you must cultivate love and faith in yourself as the only authority for your life.

The process of integrating information that you gather into more complex and expansive systems of Knowing within your own being. You innerstand things through mirroring that which you are presented with by the external environment with what you already Know to be True in your heart. Choose the information that serves your expansion and discard the rest.


When we come to Know ourselves as Spiritual Beings incarnating into human form to learn and play, when we innerstand the Universe as energy, frequency and vibration, when we innerstand that “magical” synchronicity is actually the harmonizing law of Nature and that the law of attraction brings us into contact with all that we request and desire, we no longer need to give up our power to any other, we no longer need centralized structures to live, we no longer need to work to survive, we no longer need centralized currency, we do not even need so often to eat, depending on the level of mastery we seek!

As the frequency of Gaia rises and she continues her planetary purge, millions are about to awaken and the old reality will continue to breathe chaos and crumble. You no longer need to be a part of it. Should you choose to step away and want a guide, I am here to share my pathway forward towards true freedom. The grass is colored rainbow this side of the fence.

In Love and Light