When I felt that no one could ever understood me. But one person got into my life and changed everything!

Have you ever felt that no one can really understand you? That you are the only thing alive on this earth? That everything else is fake? And you start thinking that you’re crazy? Well, that’s me. Or I was. I stopped giving a f*ck a few days ago. And for a very good reason.

When I was a little kid I didn't had any problems playing with other kids. I loved my friends — and don’t get me wrong, I still do — but when I started growing up, I felt that these guys I grew up with weren't the same. They just.. took the wrong way in life.

And again, don’t get me wrong, I know that everyone has their own way of living life, but if you’re “smart enough” you can actually see what they are doing wrong. And it’s not just that, you have the feeling about them that they’ll always do the wrong things in life. You’re moving on while these guys are still in the same place or, if you prefer, in the same life.

So that’s what I felt and I pushed everyone away. For many years I was alone. And maybe I still had those friends to hang around, I just couldn't talk to them for some things. “They’ll thing I am crazy,” I was keep saying to my self. And I was right. I was damn right. Because someday I actually talk to them, and they just didn't understood how I was thinking. But that’s okay now. I finally found peace with my self as I started hanging out with a very special person.

When everyone things that you’re crazy, but one person really understand the way you’re thinking.

He or she can think the way you think. He/she can feel you. He/she knows when you’re not alright, or you’re negative about something. And that makes you so much happier. You can do so much more things when you have a person like this in your life. You feel like you can achieve anything in life.

Thank you for being my friend and actually understand me! Thank you for being with me in the most difficult days of my life. Thank you for just.. being you. The person that I love and want to actually hanging out and talk with. Keep being you and I promise you I will always be me. I will always be there for you too. In the most difficult days of your life, and in the most happiest moments of your life.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to see the real you.

Keep rocking!

P.S. I am not talking about a love kind person. I’m talking about a friend. A real friend — And yes, real friends still exist.

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