AI/ML in B2B Life-Cycle: a new way to assess CX — life customer experience management for projects

Guenther Meyringer
1 min readFeb 15, 2022

Customer satisfaction or customer experience is critical for renewed business. Most companies have implemented customer surveys such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a standard process at the end of the delivery process. But unfortunately the key word is “end”.

99% of the companies measure the satisfaction with the project at completion, when corrective actions are too late.

During the life-cycle of the project, most companies have dashboard type of reporting (Red-Yellow-Green) or controlling type of reporting (in time, in budget), but gathering little to no information about the “temperature” of the client. Only in case of escalations the information about clear dissatisfaction is communicated through the chain.

So we asked ourselves the question “what if we could assess the customer experience live, continuously along the deliver of the project” and use this information to improve the client satisfaction management.

This is why we have created FluidX CX, using sophisticated natural language machine learning process we gather continuously project relevant information, we score it at every client communication point.

Customer experience measurement and management becomes an integral part of the project portfolio review management and project portfolio managers can detect issues sooner and react faster when the gap between expectations and experience can still be managed and correct.

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