What is EasyMINE?
Whether you are new to crypto paralysis or inexperienced you will not realize it. EasyMine lets you create and manage money from small to large. So, we can call it a simple and useful tool to build your own mine. Moreover special knowledge is not required. This is not enough; Distribution packages, such as the easyMINE eMOS operating system, hardware drivers, mining programs and eM panels, contain all the software needed to operate a profitable mine.

Mining is easy and safe with easyMINE?
The software has been designed to simplify the mining process and make the crypto currency accessible to everyone so even a beginner can take advantage of it and benefit from this type of business. easyMINE is a complete software platform for cryptococcal mining and solving problems and making complex phenomena makes mines very simple. Basically, it aims to make the mining process as straight as possible. This is a helpful initiative that benefits beginners and experienced cryptocoin users. The easyMINE operating system, through advanced optimization algorithms, automatically configures all software and hardware components that generate maximum profit and performance. It also helps users to check the status of their mining machines and the easyMINE dashboard helps them adjust the settings directly and the user even if they do not have access to the hardware will always be informed.

EasyMine operating system will mengkofigurasi all components both software and hardware with this you can stay well maintained, this setting can be set via the dashboard EasyMine.

This is a totally shared system that rests on the cooperation of miners who work on it. These miners can ensure the honesty and security of these systems through their work. Networks will be safer if there is a large number of workers working. To enjoy mining requires business. First, you must get some proper hardware installation. Secondly, you should look for details of each component and assembly. Then the whole system needs the right configuration. Third, proper software settings are required for further procedures because different currencies require various software settings for it. Once it is functional you should be careful about all scenarios that can hinder its function. Once the mining engine is configured, proper maintenance is required. You should check different settings check before processing any currency on this machine which is not that easy. Because of this dialectic, some businesspeople will not like this crypto currency mining machine.

Work on the system is underway to launch easyMINE as soon as possible. By 2017, the beta version of the easyMINE operating system and the automatic configuration function is expected to be launched and by 2018, the core feature version of the eMOS operating system and applications is expected to run in business and then, further development of the Platform as per user requirements will be done. It also focuses on contributions to blockchain communities at the international level. Whitepaper for more details.

How to use easyMINE
EasyMine has 3 steps to use:
*Download OS EasyMine and save it on flashdrive
*input the download that is in the flash drive to your device
*Then Run

in the development of the EasyMine project, the team has opened crowdsale with EasyMine tokens (EMT). The token to be issued amounts to 33,000,000 EMTs, the tokens will use paltformn etherium classic (ETC) and will be managed by classic etherwallet.

with the hope that the team who want to include you in the development of Easymine by joining and making an investment, Ico is currently underway and Ico will be completed on 27 september 2017, for those of you who are interested to join and invest you can go directly to the official website EASYMINE.

EMT Token
To fund this easyMINE project, 33,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT) will be issued. The Ethereal platform (ETH) will be the basis of this token and will be managed using the ETH solution. Token will be released to the buyer at the time of purchase and unsold token will be burned. This token will be the only payment for the easyMINE service. The EMT evidence received by the easyMINE company will continue to burn until there are only 3,000,000 left in the circulation. The token is expected to be listed on crypto currency exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Token will be divided as follows:
Crowdsale participants: 27,000,000 EMT (about 81.8%)
Pre-ICO buyer bonus: 2,000,000 EMT (about 6.1%)
EasyMINE development team: 1,500,000 EMT (about 4.6%)
Project advisor: 500,000 EMT (about 1.5%)
Bounty Program: 1,000,000 EMT (about 3.0%)
easyMINE Corporation: 1.000.000 EMT (about 3.0%)

For more information about easyMINE you can visit the following links:

Website: https://easymine.io/
Whitepaper: https://ico.easymine.io/easyMINE_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Easymine.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/easymineio
Slack: https://slack.easymine.io/

My Bitcointalk (morata): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1074956