Chapter 5 of Creating Sam the Guide

Part of the Series: “Creating Sam the Guide”. A series of stories to chronicle the experience of going from idea to app by MezcalDigital.
Chapter 4: Starting at the End

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After all the delays, we were finally ready to start sprinting. It was good that we were going to meet after many months of working remotely. It was a big discussion of whether we do the sprint remotely or in person. We decided to do it in person because the public health recommendations allowed for the meeting to happen. Plus, everyone was eager to start meeting again.

We had to take extra precautions in the planning, thankfully Sam owned several meeting rooms. So Maria and I had the luxury of choosing one big enough to host all of us while giving us plenty of space. Each participant would have their own desk to work on. Maria was a bit unsure if that would create a lot of shouting among participants so they could talk to each other. But since one of the mantras of the design sprint is working together alone, I told her that his might be actually a good thing. …

Chapter 4 of StG

Part of the Series: “Creating Sam the Guide”. A series of stories to chronicle the experience of going from idea to app.
Chapter 3: Step 2: Starting from the beginning.

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Design Sprint Overview

Sam insisted that she was very interested in the project and was a bit frustrated that we could not move forward faster, but it was just impossible to find a time with her to coordinate.

After our last call, we had agreed to organize a Design Sprint, but Sam was always busy to do her homework. She would not miss our phone calls, but if she was not delivering the results, it was impossible to move forward. I hated that. Because it was just confusing. When someone is not engaged, it is easy to dismiss. But when someone is half-engaged, and during that moment, she is very demanding, it just results in busywork. …

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Cover of the book: Agile Conversations by Squirrel and Frederick

At First Glance

The book offers a different perspective on Agile methodologies than most books, but a perspective that is consistent with the Agile principles. First of all, it focuses on the members of the agile team as humans, not resources. The core argument that the book is that developers/engineers are not interchangeable parts of the software or feature factory. Rather they are humans with a unique set of characteristics that they bring to any project.

The book focuses on the key aspects of actually delivering value among persons: conversations. …


Dr. Eduardo Calvillo Gamez

Product Strategist, UX Researcher & Entrepreneur. Based in Berlin (DE). I work with UX Research Methods, Design Thinking, Agile, Gamification & Design Sprints.

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