Say Hello To Open Laravel

So after reading a great number of posts/comments on Laravel Reddit on if there are open source projects built with Laravel to go through on how things are structured or contribute to. Aside from on Reddit, there are other forums that are also interested in this;

Im searching for some nice written open source projects, which I will be able to snoop and see how they are written. I want to find finished project which is using most of we can say “good” design patterns. Maybe you know some projects? Im type of person who like to learn on examples :D
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Where I can find some open source project to study made with Laravel?
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These are just to name a few, a simple Google search and you will get what I mean.

This all started when I was about working on a open source project with Laravel and I wanted to see how other open projects were structured, design patterns used and the likes. Hence the above links from the respective forums. Then I did the same simple Google search on “open source Ruby on Rails projects” and I got a dedicated site that list open source projects developed with Ruby on Rails with relevant details —

I thought to myself won’t it be nice if the Laravel community have a goto place for open source projects built using Laravel, then I set out to develop what I call Open Laravel —

Open Laravel is simply a repository of open source projects built using Laravel. For now it only show a short description of a project, the project URL (if available) and the project repository URL. Will be add some cool stuff to it along the line, like:

  • Filtering by repo stars
  • Filtering by repo activities
  • Adding repo stats like last commit
  • Add project screenshot/logo
  • and …

Open Laravel itself is an open source project built using Laravel. Suggestions, reviews, stars, retweets, pull requests are greatly welcomed :D

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