It’s not about the HOV lanes

It’s about willfully muzzling your chief city planner at a time when you need to listen to her most.

It’s about chronically choosing the few over the many.

It’s about leaving the most vulnerable behind by not using the tools available* to fund desperate needs.

It’s about building (and unbuilding) a hostile environment for people who would potentially be part of the solution.

It’s about stupid political decision after stupid political decision being imposed against all rational logic or advice.

It’s about voting for an oaf who kills part of what were fully funded and planned projects within the first few months of office, resulting in millions of dollars of cancellations costs.

It’s about debating, and making decisions, and then undoing those decisions, and then debating, and then making decisions, and then undoing those decisions…

…and then debating…

…and then making decisions…

…and then undoing those decisions…


That’s what it’s about.

Enforced HOV lanes for 3+ people make sense.

They don’t make sense when everything else we do is non-fucking-sensical.

*edit: more direct example to not using revenue tools to mitigate crises like the affordable housing crisis in Toronto.

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