NATIVE Put your money where your heart is.

Native is a platform built by Ethereum that allows communities to generate their own currencies, based on the tastes, preferences of each person who can create or participate in communities
 and effectively manage their resources through collective decision-making tools.

Native empowers communities to realize their inherent value in a global economy and unlock the power of the collective to generate widespread impact and prosperity.
Native’s purpose is to allow others to launch unique community currencies with functional standards that include: memberships, transactions and votes. Native governance features allow native token owners to guide community decisions, as well as fund and influence the policies of local derivative projects built on Native. All government options in Native are delivered through simple templates so that any lack of technical knowledge about the end of the user does not interfere with their ability to execute their ideas

Joining a community allows you to:

  • Vote on topics that are important to you.
    - Decide and support which projects will be financed
    - Win chips completing tasks for the community

What do you need to be part of native?

MetaMask is required to participate within Native and its Communities. MetaMask is a wallet extension for your browser that enables you to sign digital transactions, as well as sending / receiving cryptocurrency.

  • When you sign in Native, your wallet verifies it’s you with a transaction that you sign & approve.
    - When you cast a vote on Native, your wallet signs your vote so we know that it’s yours.
    - When you complete a task, tokens you earn are to your wallet, where your tokens are held

Link install Metamask

You will need some Ethereum in your wallet. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that you can use to get other cryptocurrencies like Native Tokens.

The procedure is simple:

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new way to manage and allocate your saved resources. Of course, as with all new services, an initial investment of time and energy is required.

There are five steps to this guide:

1-Configuration of a MetaMask portfolio;

2-Buy ether;

3-Convert ether into native token;

4-Convert native token to community token

5-Join a community

Once you have some Ethereum, you can:

- Get Native tokens
- Convert Native tokens into Community tokens
- Join and participate in Communities

You can buy Ethereum by visiting either coinbase or

Current Communities

“my vision is that once everybody is fully expressing themselve from the truly inherent desires and only doing those things will have a world that works for most of the people rather than just a select few like the one we have today” Jake Vartanian, Native Founder

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