Ant colony: Strong culture in the organization

Chapter 5 has include the values, heroes, rite and rituals, and culture network within an organization. Miller has established the value as the beliefs and visions that members hold for organization. (2014) For instance, an University usually holds value as diversity and pride. Their overall value is education. (from lecture, Kauweloa, 2015) Value is one of the fundamental concepts in an organization. Richard Perrin said, “organizational culure is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organization.

A strong organizational culture has shown in the ant colony. The article, The organization of work in social insect colonies, states that the ant is categorized into four major groups as following: queens , males, workers, and soldiers. The value of the organization has embedded into the ant’s mind and heart. Each group care about the core value, and they will work diligently to complete their task. Every member of the organization will work hard for their colony. Queen lays eggs to ensure the population of the colony; the male ants will stay in the nest to mate with queen; the workers will forage the food and bring them back to the nest; the soldier ants will protect the worker ants from enemy ants. (The organization of work in insect colonies, 2003) Once the members of an organization have clear and high level of core value and care of the value, the organization have strong organizational culture value.