What causes shutdown

Negative entropy is defined by Miller in Organizational Communication Approaches and Process as a system has the ability to avoid deterioration and thrive by being open. In the lecture, “the tendency for the open systems to sustain themselves and grow.”If an organization does not exchange information and open to the outside environment, it will presumably deteriorate.

A system is closed to the external environment will likely bring the negative effects. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune published an article about how the shutdown of the harbor give threats to the economy, and the snowball effect results many business in profit loss. In the article Labor dispute at West Coast ports threaten economy states that “A 10-day shutdown would cost the nations economy nearly two billion dollars a day.” The ports impact the imports and exports greatly. The delays of the imports causes many problems to the local business. Some business pays for more delay expenses; some business is in short of stocks.

Lack of exchanging information and close to the external will cause the system deteriorating. Ports are very important way to communicate with outside world. Share and exchange information will help the economy sustain and grow.