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Purpose / Scope

The current layout of the UTS store’s website was complex and was outdated considering modern standards. The design was done 3 years back and required a redesign.

Current state

The current UI of the login was let’s say was bad. Upon auditing I figured out the following problems.

  1. Lacked the visual hierarchy of basic elements were missing or wrongly used like headings, link buttons.

My experience attending a design document workshop — UX Conference 2020

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Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash


The redesign was a part of an exciting workshop on documenting your design by Arsalan Iqbal — Product designer @careem. The meeting kickstarted with a quick introduction by each attendee. Then Arsalan took us on an informative ride about the why and how important it is for designers to document their experiences.

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Source: https://www.twenty20.com/photos/cf1177d2-09f6-4c4b-9f70-750a546d3145/?utm_t20_channel=bl

There no magic formula for such period. we can end this article but wait

Ever wondered why the text on the big company’s websites like Apple, Microsoft or Google looks good? The answer is not the golden ratio of 1/3rd or 1.1618. It’s because such companies invest a lot in research and development to nail the design on their products. But for people like us, especially individuals, may not have such luxuries to test at that massive user base. Well here comes the world of open source design :)

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