CPS Lawsuit Covered In Variety of Ways


Recently, the Chicago Public Schools District and five families have chosen to file a lawsuit against Bruce Rauner and the state of Illinois regarding the budget for CPS. While WBEZ (a liberal news source) and the Chicago Tribune (a conservative newspaper) both chose to cover this story, WBEZ had a less biased article.

The Chicago Tribune covered the lawsuit with facts while staying relatively unbiased. The diction in the article is factual with words like ‘alleging’ ‘in violation’ and ‘hinted’ when referring to all sides of the story. This maintained an equality of both the plaintiff and defendant. The Tribune also uses quotes from Illinois Education Secretary early in the article, while still choosing to critique it, saying “But did not provide a detailed formula for state officials to use.” This was after a quote where she defended her department and tried to blame CPS, implying this newspaper could be biased towards the public schools’ side. The Tribune also uses quotes from Rahm Emmanuel frequently in a positive light.

WBEZ has an even less biased side of the story even though neither source had an extreme take on the lawsuit. The first quote from WBEZ is from CPS CEO showing the plaintiff’s side. But, they also use quotes from groups like the Illinois department of education, parents and students, and the Chicago Teachers Union, early in the article, seeming to get all sides covered at the beginning. Additionally they show history of the case, and why it was needed throughout the piece, as well as former similar lawsuits.

Overall, I believe that WBEZ was less biased because of their well rounded coverage of the lawsuit. This gave a more even perception of the case to the public, by showing all sides of the story with a background on it. The Chicago Tribune was fairly even handed as well but didn’t do so as well as WBEZ did.