Professionalizing Love: Why I have decided to help people find love

I have decided to pursue a career in guiding people in their mission to finding the their perfect partner. Here are the reasons:

  1. Online dating is not for everyone: I know it is very practical for many people, but not everyone appreciates putting up their picture and personal information for the entire world to know they’re up for dates. Not everyone feels comfortable sending a virtual poke, and hoping for the best.
  2. At some point, casual dating gets old: Casually dating can be fun, but after a while it can become a total waste of time. You might be getting nice company and feeling entertained, but if the person you’re dating does not have the qualities you are looking for in a long-lasting relationship, the process of expecting the right one to come can be exhausting and frustrating.
  3. I want to save people precious time: Every day that goes by wishing you had already found someone is a day we could be working together in making it a reality. It is imperative to shift the mindset from “someday” to “action now”.
  4. Magic happens when people accept guidance: Once people realize the strategies they have been using have not brought in the expected results, and once they accept to implement different strategies, beautiful things start to happen.
  5. I enjoy it and I am great at it: Throughout my life, people have felt comfortable opening up to me about the difficulties or situations they were experiencing. I feel humbled by their trust and extremely happy to contribute in their path to achieving their personal goals. I have full confidence that I can help you start a new journey in your life that will bring you happiness, fulfillment and love.

Which is why I have joined Ivy International, an exceptional team whose expertise is to make love happen. If you want to hear more about how we can help you or someone you know start living fully, don’t hesitate to send me a message or email me: