Just do it

Hello everyone. We talk about how to complate your job or job you cant not focus on. The most important thing I can say dont think job and dont talk about job only just do it, just do start.

What steps are needed to do this job?

1-Dont think only make it

First important thing is action. You need action for doing that job. If you think ‘how can you do it’,’how can I focus’,’how can I finish this job' etc.. You can not start job. If you want to finish this job you have to start. Dont think end of job.

2-Focus only that job

When you focus two job same time you could not finish both of them. If you start one job . Only focus that. Dont think another.

3- Dont find pretext

There is pretext in everywhere. I now you cant not manage time, you dont have enough time or you dont have time ,money, internet or electiricy all of them pretext. Dont forget you need to solve all problem. You can do it.

4- Stay the course

Plan is important but dont plan everyday. Make plan one time and focus only do that.

5- Achive a goal

Give goal for everyday. Maybe you can say i will finish 2 job or 3 job. Make everything for achive to your goal.

6- Give time for finish

You can give time to your project or job. This is not problem only focus your given time. You can do it in time

7-Everyday interest your job or project

If your project will finish long time. You need to interest everyday to your job or project. You need to interest in continuous.

8-Share your time with persons

Share your time with your wife or your friends or someone. If you share your plan people dont plan with you. You can do your job in time

9-Give award to yourself

Keep money in your bank for example 500$ or how much do tou want. When you finish that job or project . You can take money as award. This is my favorite way.

10-Dont forget your aim about job

You know you will finish this job or project about money maybe for your carrier. Do you want to see result you need to finish that job or project.

Control yourself and finish your job or peroject. You can do it. Dont read dont write. Dont spent your time just do it. I belive you just do it.