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The only real defense of the Yorks (and the Niners in general) is that the team really only gets about 1/2 of the blame for the stadium not being in San Francisco. The other 1/2 of blame goes to the city itself. They certainly could have built a little closer to SF, though.

But that stadium was designed years ago with the thought that it would be in San Francisco. When they went to Silicon Valley, they didn’t tweak it. That’s an incredible oversight.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in the area, there’s a huge difference between Santa Clara’s weather and San Francisco’s. I went out to Niners games at Candlestick for a long time and for more than 20 years, our seats were completely exposed to the sun. Even still, I can only recall a few games where I felt uncomfortably hot — and that includes some preseason games in August. Sure, plenty were warm. But only a few times do I remember people leaving in big numbers and headed for shade. San Francisco just doesn’t get that hot that often. Though not far mileage wise, Santa Clara and Silicon Valley are much different. It gets very hot there. Unless something is done (like in Miami), fans going to games can continue to bake until Halloween in a cool year and Thanksgiving in a warm one. One of many reasons I’m thankful that my family and I didn’t renew our tickets after Candlestick.

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