Final Project ~ HCDE 451

Final project time. For my final project, I choose to build an application called “Cooking Aid”.


“Cooking Aid” is a mobile application with a wearable companion app that helps cooks better participate in the act of cooking. To support the cook-users I developed and designed the application system for different activities that a user may conduct in order to cook.

“Cooking Aid” allows it’s users to find recipes in an natural and efficient way. Like other online cooking resources “Cooking Aid” features a searchable database of recipes created by users. Additionally “Cooking Aid” allows users to connect with other cooks they know to what types of dishes people they know have been cooking or eating.

After a chef has selected a recipe, they can then view the recipe, add ingredients from the recipe to a shopping cart and of course use their apple watch to cook the recipe.

View a demo of the application.


My goal for prototyping this concept was to test if the apple watch could be used as a tool to help users cook recipes. In this way, I was testing the feasibility of the idea of using wearables as cooking aids.


To implement my concept, I used adobe Experience Design(XD). I first created rough wireframes and then continued on to a interactive high fidelity mockup.

To interact with the the high fidelity mock up click on this link. The link will allow you to interact with my mockup via your browser. Additionally, Experience Design users can download the XD app and interact with the mockup on your phone.

Experience Design is a great tool to work with. While XD did help articulate the overall design of my app, it failed to allow me to test the app in the context I wanted. Overall, I think XD falls short in that it doesn’t allow users to see their Mock ups in interactive mode on the screens of the actual devices they use. This means that I could not test my apple watch mockups on my watch.

To test my original goal, I plan on exporting the mockups and importing them into X-Code(Apples developers platform). I did a fair amount of research and found that if you want to test out apple watch mockups on an apple watch than this is the only option.


My original goal with this project was to test if an apple watch could be used as a cooking aid. While I never was able to test my prototype on an apple watch, I did gather plenty of feedback on the effectiveness of my current design.

During the final day of HCDE 451, we held a showcase and I managed to get feedback from those who came to view the work being presented.


I received a lot of feed back on the app as a whole, but I want to focus on the apple watch feed back.

For the most part people had not interacted with apple watches a great deal. There was much discussion of what it could do and the conventions I used for setting up the interface.

A huge complaint was that the way to navigate the apple watch user interface was not explicitly stated. In one of my early sketches I had a screen that showed swiping would move the UI along with the step in recipe. I ended up investigating tutorials on apple watch and found it hard to find a explicit example of one. I ended coming up with the following and am very curious to see the effectiveness in action.

Tutorial for Cooking Aid’s Apple Watch UI

Other responses revolved around the way users wanted to interact with the app. One person in particular mentioned the different ways that they wanted to be able to control the Watch UI. For this person their preferences for interaction in were: Motion, touch gesture, and voice. Retrospectively I think its important to have all three of these interactions available. While cooking there will situations where one or two of these interactions is impossible so the user will have to rely on one or the other.

Receiving feedback on what I have created so far motivates me to want to test the app that much more. I’m very curious to see how wearable are brought into everyday use and I think that this is a great way to start experimenting every day use cases of the product.

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