My debut on Medium: Brazilian Policy

I decided to create this blog to improve my writing in english and I’ll write about policy, music, tv shows, movies, travels, my job, projects and about life in general.
Since I was a child, I’ve been writing about everything in my life and this is something very important to me.
To start, I’m writing about Brazilian Policy because we are living one of the most important moments in the recent history of my country and our future seems uncertain, thanks to our irresponsible leaders. 
On the next days, Brazil will know if our president, Dilma Rousseff, will be judged on the “Impeachment Process”. Her case is now on voting by Members of parliament and they are deciding if the charges against her are valid and if the process needs to move on. If the parliament decides to move on with the process, the process will be executed on the Senate. 
But the big question is, take her out of the government is the right way to get out of the crisis?
If the Senate takes her out of the government, the first name to replace her as president is Michel Temer, her vice-president, but the Brazilian justice is already investigating Michel Temer in suspecting of corruption.
The next name on the list to replace Dilma Rouseff is Eduardo Cunha, the President of Parliament. He is involved in a lot of scandals of corruption and he is being investigated for many political crimes. 
After Eduardo Cunha, the next name to replace our President is Renan Calheiros, President of Senate… and Guess What! He is also involved in investigations of corruption and political crimes. 
A big part of the members of Parliament who are judging the charges against Dilma are being investigated for corruption and political crimes either. This is what makes me worried about what’s going to happen in our country, because our irresponsible president is not being judged by serious leaders, she is being judged by criminals like her, who wants to take her out of the government just to take over the power and who knows what they are going to do.
There’s a political coup happening in Brazil and no one can do nothing about it because there’s nothing to do. The future of our country belongs to criminals, while decent people are fighting against the worst economic crisis of our recent history, created by irresponsible politicians and criminals.
Everyday we are paying more and more imposts and we are being stolen by criminals of white collar.

Remains only wait to see what the next chapter of our history and put our hands up against the corruption.

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