About Me

My name: Mary Frances Ierlan

I was named after my two great grandmothers.

Some friends call me MF and my Dad calls me ‘Moofey’

I feel like I am more productive in the morning than at night.

I like to watch movies and read when I am bored.

I love yoga to relax.

I have been to many Greek Orthodox masses.



I have been to: Jordan, Italy, Israel, Spain, France, Mexico, Canada, Monaco, and Australia.

I would love to go to Greece, England, and Ireland.

I have lived in 3 states.

I love Arabic food and dislike Indian food.

My favorite TV show is Friends.

A generic picture of flowers is my laptop wallpaper.

Twitter: mary_ierlan

I have Crohn’s Disease, I lived in Ohio for a year, and I love brussel sprouts.