Does wearing Pink on a male showcases his sexuality?

In a short answer, no wearing pink does not define your sexuality but in today's society I might be inclined to think about that question. In reading of Dexter Thomas article Why is #MaculinitySoFragile? I reflected back to an interesting event years ago and how my nephew had worn a pink shirt and I had an argument about that with my brother.

My nephew at the time was seven and I remember that he had walked into my parents house and was wearing a light pink shirt and I had noticed what he was wearing, but did not say anything in response on the matter until later that day. His dad had not said anything to him negative but it was my youngest brother who actually saw my nephew and said ‘Why are you wearing a pink shirt, that’s gay? The same negativity was said in Thomas’s article when discussing the story of Abdul Dremali in which a man had said an anti-gay slur because of Dremali bright pink shoes that he was working out in. I did not make video about the experience as Dremali did but I rather straight up told my youngest brother that my nephew can wear whatever color he wants and wearing pink should not be used as an insult. I was actually shocked a bit at the initial comment because I could not believe that my brother could be so closed minded. My nephew only response on the whole issue was that he liked the color and thought it was cool to wear a pink shirt because many of his friends do not. I was so happy because he didn’t care what people thought of him but it was depressing to think that my brother had to say a negative comment to my nephew for me to realize a seven year old is mature to not care what others think than my twenty three year old brother on this matter. Truthfully I can see how over the years my brother could of turned more closed minded, but I hate that he was insulting my nephew and showcasing those values to the next generation.

A side note: my nephew is very outspoken and has always seemed to not care what other people think of him and does and wears what he wants. I do hope that it does continue throughout his life, but situations like this occur often around my nephew and if no one says anything then the cycle is going to repeat itself in which my nephew might pick up these ideas.

A second idea came to mine when thinking about this incident which was the phrase “real men wear pink” which I have heard before when a male wears a pink shirt around others. I have never liked that phrase because it seems to slang to discuss the issue and creates an excuse to wear pink negatively. Why can’t males just wear pink and everyone be okay with it and should not make a negative opinion on it? I have noticed that over the years the discussion over the issue of males wearing pink has been a positive outlet because of breast cancer awareness and male figures wearing pink to support the stand against this deadly disease. Over the years I noticed that even NFL players started wearing pink for October(Breast Cancer Awareness month). I thought it was a great idea because it is a good cause and football is such a huge sport in the United States and many males look up to football players that if the players begin to wear pink in some matter or other then other males might be inclined to wear pink as well. I did find that players are only able to wear the color on their uniform during the month of October and not throughout the year. I am aware that the players uniforms have to match, but wearing some pink is really going to make a difference in the ability for the players to do their best.

My final thoughts on the topic would be for anyone who likes to wear pink, should be able to wear it and hopefully not receive backlash because of it. The last few years have been a positive outlet for males to wear pink because of the NFL embracing the color even for a short time and hopefully more progress occurs in the near future.