Can Gender-Nonconforming be a possibility in the near future?

Some years ago, I came across a news article discussing a pair of parents who had decided to raise their child as “gender neutral” which my first reaction was astonished that something like this incident had not occurred earlier in time. Why does it matter to choice your child’s sex as either male or female at birth? Society needs everything to be categorized to make sense of the world and it can be as simple as good,bad or up and down. If something cannot be situated in one of two choices then people become confused and irritated and try to fix the “problem” to have it be in a category. The parents wanted their child to be whoever they want to be and not be stereotyped based on their gender. That meant playing with dolls and cars and let the child to decide what they wanted to wear outside of their home. The backlash that the parents received was from everything from abusive to calling child services on the parents. Its sad that society has such regulated standards to raise children in either female or male roles rather than neutral and let the child be who they are. In most recent years Western society had the implication that people can be who ever they want and accept other people’s differences. Its easier said than done because individuals can have good intentions but actions speak louder than words. Freya Brown’s article titled On the Social Construction of Sex stated that “our bodies are quite complex and there is a wide degree of variance from person to person, yet we rigidly categorize our bodies into two classes” which is true that all bodies are different but its easier for society to classify everyone in two fields rather than eliminate or change the dynamic of female or male category.

The social constructed idea of female or male has been highlighted more in recent years with stories coming out more frequently and more positive from the public census especially Western Society, but I have heard of other locations around the world who’s opinion of gender has changed in countries I would typically classify as Third World for the better. The most recent article that I found was the story of the Transgender teacher comforting her gender-nonconforming student because they both said that they were “in the middle” when it comes to gender Kuma Hina, teacher, has both qualities of both man and woman. Stories as like these are becoming more common in the public spectrum. In Brown’s article she continues to discuss the five criteria that biologists look at when analyzing sex characteristics which are chromosomes, gonads, genitals, secondary sex characteristics, and hormones. Interesting enough she states that “if society looked at all five aspects of “sex” then majority of people do not fit into the “male” or “female”, but society choices to look at chromosomes, gonads, and genitalia.”

Lastly the discussion of gender-nonconforming brought in the new dynamic that has occurred already with other locations around the world. There is a third gender recognized in both Mexico and India that I recently found out about. The Muxes in Mexico, a third gender embraced by the Zapotec people, actually shocked me because of how patriarchal Mexico’s culture is to my understanding.

The section that I highlighted was the discussion of the Muxes in which they assist their families financially which makes sense to me why the tolerance has occurred in prior homophobic location. From all my life I realized that money talks in much of Hispanic culture. I think because the Muxes assisted their family financially, they put whatever feelings a side to accept their family member. The other article which I was shocked as well was that India’s third gender claims its place in law which gave the Hijra, India’s third gender, legal recognition. It has the supreme court of India ruling the transgender community as a recognized “third gender” on official documents. In both articles I was taken back because I know the history of both countries and I was amazed that recognition has been made in countries that I thought would be years or possibly decades from any support of any aspect for the LGBTQIA community. I can only hope that in a short amount of time that many more strides can be made in LGBTQIA community in locations around the world.