Donald Trump is now officially the Republican presidential candidate and by the end of the week Hilary Clinton will be the Democratic Party presidential candidate. This election process seems like it has been in the works for over a decade, rather than 2 years. We still have over 3 months left until the election.

We been hearing about illegal emails and building a wall for Mexico but the main concerns are not being addressed. Here are my 3 issues the candidates need to address:

Social Security

For retirees 39% of their income comes from Social Security benefits. This is a huge portion of their income. In the latest Social Security trust fund annual report they say Social Security will run out in 2034! Some aspects of it such as Medicare and disability are supposed to run out a whole lot sooner than that. So, my first questions is “what is our country strategy to keep the promises that it gave with Social Security?”

Health Care Cost

When Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act came out it allowed people who could not get health care due to health issues, the health care they need. This would hopefully eliminate always going to emergency room. But; it did not fix the biggest problem that Americans face when it comes to health care. COST!!! Here in California Obamacare rates are expected to go up 13.2% in the next year. Can you believe that? How many people are expecting 13% raises this year? Not many? With those increase premiums the quality of care is going down due to increase out of pocket cost, smaller choices of doctors and other benefits. My second question “What as a country are we going to do, not just to control costs but lower them as well?

Breadwinner Jobs

I keep hearing about increasing minimum wage. If we do increase minimum wage from $12.50 to $15.00 will it really help out a family? No! It’s only a $400 increase a month. Let’s say you make $2,400 a month, in the bay area can you afford to put a roof over your head, food on table and save for emergency? No!! So, we need to make more breadwinner jobs were a person can take care of a family of four, put a roof over their head, put food in their kids stomachs and save. My last statement “This country’s economy was built on middle class minimum wage jobs and we need to figure out how we are going to do it again?”

I am not a politician or economic genius but if we don’t fix these things I believe we will see more civil unrest in our country. We can see more people living on streets young and old. It’s time for the president to push the policies that fix these hard problems before things get worse.