Income have been stagnant or declining, I would say for the last 20–30 years in America. It has been tougher and tougher for American’s to keep a roof over their head, put food on table, save for their kid’s college and even saving for retirement on a single income. So, what did they do?

They got a 2nd job! One of the first places people looked for work were places like big- box retail stores such as; Target, Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, Macy’s, or Sears. They worked there during nights and weekends when they could afford to be away from their families. Now many of those stores are closing left and right, this is occurring all across America. As the retail industry changes so do the people who work for them.

So, what do these people do next for additional income once there part- time job is taken away? They turn their cars into businesses and become Uber & Lyft drivers. You see them all over the place, they make it easy to spot them with items like the “U” sticker (for Uber) on the passenger side window or Lyft mustache on the dash board. You see them after 5 on week nights. You see them Saturday and Sunday morning heading into a major city near you. With all this cash flow, people are loving the freedom and flexibility. But; what happens to these people when self-driving car comes out?

It’s not if but when will the driving car comes out. Lyft and GM already have a partnership for self-driving cars. Uber is been preparing for years. Google sends cars out all the time to calculate driving distances on Google maps, which are self- driven. Last year Audi had their self-driving car go from San Francisco directly to Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s not about when technology will be developed enough. It’s about when the government will released those cars.

So, what’s going to happen to those people and families who are working a 2nd job to put food on the table when self-driving cars hit the road. Let’s go even deeper what about the bus driver, truck driver or anybody else who does driving for living? What happens to lose of their income? What happens to lose of income from people not working for the government? Will they have a tax on self-driving car to keep revenue up for the government?

Nobody is talking about how to retool America during this presidential election? But; we need to have this discussion as more trade agreements get signed and technology invades more in more of our lives. If we don’t our family and our country will become bankrupt!

Matthews Financial & Insurance Solution

President/ CEO Jason Matthews