Accepting that the world sucks and appreciating it anyways.

My girlfriend was freaking out about becoming homeless. She’s looking for a new apartment and her roommate was being cheap and picky.

Has anything ever been easy for you? Me neither.

At first it was stressful, and then it was depressing, knowing that…

The government is a catastrophe. People are irrational. Religion is evil. Public schools suck. The media…there aren’t enough bad words in the dictionary to describe the media.

Social Security, the economy, climate change — pick your problem. It all sucks.

But I’ve found a way to remain calm despite all these atrocities…

I’ve found a practice that helps me know what to expect…so my expectations can only be exceeded

Now, I don’t need to complain anymore. Or be depressed.

I can just accept and move forward.

How can I do all this? I’ve chosen the path of acceptance.

Even with all my straight, white, male privilege (I’m like The Triple Crown of privilege), everything always has been and always will be hard. Maybe I suck. I don’t know. But accepting the reality that the world sucks (too) has given me a calm foundation that’s manifesting itself as motivation.

It’s a somewhat masochistic desire to keep experiencing the world…and maybe try to prove it wrong.

With my expectations low, in line with reality, I can be grateful for, and build upon, what I have. It’s not exactly the most positive frame of mind, but, it beats anxiety and depression…

Today I was just sitting on a bench minding my own business when a tiny man and an Amazonian woman walked by holding hands. She was like 6’5’’, 250 pounds; he was like 5’0’’, 100 pounds.

I couldn’t help but crack a smirk. I think they saw me smirking. They had probably already talked about how funny they must look.

It was kinda funny. Not that funny, but at least it didn’t suck.

Then, I went and built a landing page for a new business idea, bought a domain, and installed gmail so we can start selling.

I haven’t been sent to jail yet…so let’s make the most of this :)