Hitting the Publish Button Everyday

I’ve been experiencing some writer’s block lately. As a content marketer and serial self-published author, writing is my lifeblood. I have several blog posts and books in draft, and even more ideas in the pipeline. However I’ve been having trouble simply putting my butt in the chair, my fingers on the keys, and replacing the blank page and blinking cursor with my thoughts.

For the past year I’ve been somewhat of a content creating machine. I was cranking out a book about once every month and half. I even wrote a book about how to write a book in 10 days that I wrote in just (you guessed it) 10 days.

But now…procrastination.

When I first started blogging I forced myself to write something everyday. Some of my blog posts were just a couple sentences long. The goal was not to attract a huge audience, it was simply to get myself in the habit of generating ideas and removing any filters preventing me from hitting publish.

And it worked. From there I started writing longer and more valuable posts. Then I no longer needed to force myself to write everyday because I could trust myself to publish something once per week.

So to get over my current writer’s block, I’m going back to basics. I’m forcing myself to hit the publish button everyday. I won’t be sending these posts to my email list, or promoting them all over the interwebs. I’ll just be hitting the publish button.

It started yesterday with a short post about what I was working on. And continues today with this very post. Tomorrow I will write about whatever I my mind is most fixated on. It could be an interesting conversation I had, something I’ve learned recently, a strategy or tactic I’ve been using, or an opinion I have about a current event.

The goal is not to boost my SEO, or get a million email subscribers, it’s simply to hit the publish button everyday. I’ll continue doing this until I can trust myself to create awesome content on a weekly basis again. If you’ve always wanted to start blogging, I would recommend forcing yourself to write and publish something everyday. That’s what worked for me.