The case against finding your passion

Anyone who has ever been in their twenties has probably at some point worried about finding their passion. There are countless books and articles about how to find it.

Having a mission that you will do anything to accomplish gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to go to work, and a sense of purpose. Your mission could be a business or it could be a hobby or it could be raising a family.

What happens if you don’t find your passion? Will you end up in a gutter?

Not knowing what my mission was gave me a nihilistic sense of indifference. Here’s what I told myself to get out of it:

1. Have confidence in the process

I don’t know what will happen next. What if everything falls apart? What if I never find my passion?

I keep taking all the money I make and re-investing back in my business without knowing if the money will disappear or turn into more.

But there’s not much else that I’d want to spend my money on. And I’m confident that for every dollar I put in I will continue to get more than one dollar back out. If the investments don’t pay off and I lose all my money, there are many ways I can make more money.

It’s scary not to know what will happen next. But it’s ok.

Enjoy the process. You’ll find your mission eventually. In the meantime, keep working, improving yourself, having fun, and….

2. Hang around the hoop

If you hang around the hoop long enough, eventually a bounce will come your way.

A friend has been studying philosophy and economics for years and as a result was attracted to bitcoin very early. He started studying it, meeting other people who are interested in it, and even bought some early on and made some money. Now he’s using his expertise to build a great business in the space.

If you keep exploring what fascinates you and improving yourself, eventually you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time, ready to slam one home. In the meantime…

3. Be present

It seems like for most of my life since college, I’ve been looking into the future to the next job, the next deal, etc.. As a result, time has flown by.

It’s easy to forget about all the great things in life even before you’ve found that elusive passion. The journey itself is something to be passionate about.

Instead of worrying about finding your passion or looking forward to the time when you do, enjoy what you have in the moment. Be grateful that you even have the opportunity to figure out what your passion is, because…

4. Finding your passion is a first world problem

The very fact that you can even consider working on something you’re passionate about is something to be extremely grateful for. Some people have to spend most of their waking hours doing something they hate just so they can survive or feed their family. Finding a passion is not an option. Not even worth considering.

Others don’t ever try to find their passion. They just grind through their nine to five until retirement and relax when they can. If you don’t have a mission yet, don’t way for it, because…

5. Dedication trumps passion

Not knowing what your passion is not an excuse for not working hard. Don’t let it stop you from making money.

Work on projects, like a blog, or even a full-time job, to learn, challenge yourself, meet people, and improve your reputation.

Keep yourself alive, keep improving yourself, keep learning, keep making money, and eventually you will be in the right place at the right time with the right skills and…

6. Eventually it will happen

We are living longer than ever before. If it takes you 50 years, you still have another 50 to work and enjoy yourself.

It takes some people longer than others. But you are only you. It’s cool.

Once it does happen, if you’ve been improving your physical and mental abilities, you’ll be ready to catch the bounce and slam it home.