“ You should raise money when you need it or when it’s available on good terms. Not having enough money can be bad, but having too much money is almost always bad” — Sam Altman

You don’t need a PhD in Entrepreneurship to know that getting access to investor money is one of the most crucial things on the to-do-list of a startup. But it does, however, take years of experience in the startup world to know, which things you should and more importantly, shouldn’t do, when it comes to taking money from potential investors.

Having lived and breathed the…

I assure you, post-its alone won’t do the trick

“Innovation is a prerequisite for sustained growth. No other path to profitable growth can be sustained over time.”

A.G. Lafley, former CEO, Procter & Gamble

Innovation is the catalyst to growth in organizations and ultimately, in our society. Schumpeter argued that industries have to innovate to create better and more effective processes and products, and that “creative destruction” is the essential factor in capitalism. In organizational contexts, the ability to successfully innovate and translate innovative activity into tangible performance improvements is seen as crucial in order to stay efficient, productive, competitive, and thereby retain or gain market share.

However, we see over and over again that large enterprises are downright horrible at turning ideas into viable new businesses.

We’ve just created our Hufsy Manifesto. It’s been a long way coming, and most of the statements in the manifesto are already internalised values for many of us.

Over the past year, we’ve scaled from being just my co-founder, Rafal, and I to soon having a headcount of 17 people. It’s a great experience to build a team and be in the trenches with passionate team members that have a common objective: to help startups with their finances.

But to build a team and scale your business isn’t without its challenges. It’s about finding the right people with the same…

Your bank app is probably one of the most boring apps on your phone, a ‘notification’ from your bank is a letter sent days ago (who still does that?) and most of us are not opening our mobile bank with the same enthusiasm as when we enter the world of Pokémon GO. No one has tried to make banking an exciting experience — until now.

You might have stumbled over the word ‘Fintech’ while reading the paper. Maybe you’re working in the financial sector and knows the terminology. Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever seen the word…

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo

Teaching companies to disrupt themselves • Serial-entrepreneur

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