A Third of UK Tourists Suffer with Items Stolen on Holiday

Have you ever been on holiday and ended up coming back a little lighter on luggage than you came with? It turns out that this is commonplace for UK tourists. In a recent survey conducted by travel company eShores it was found that one out of three holidaymakers have had belongings stolen while on holiday. When including all of what UK tourists have had stolen, lost, and forgotten, the figure shot up to four out of five people who have come home without a full suitcase.

When asked for further details of the holiday, it was found that 44% of people who have had items stolen were on a beach holiday at the time, compared to a fourth of people on city breaks being victims to theft. Surprisingly, underwear were among the top 10 items that tourists are losing while away! Sunglasses were the most common item lost along with the usual suspects cameras, clothes, and purses.