As a kid I don’t remember much as my dad worked in New Jersey and my mom stayed home. When my dad was home we would play baseball and football, but when he would go to work I would dream about cars all over the world. Most kids wanted to be an Astronaut or a firefighter as a kid. I dreamed of becoming a Formula one driver. The feeling of ripping through each turn and accelerating faster than a jet plane. I played countless hours of racing games getting faster and faster till I would fly off the track. Racing is something I love and will always love.

Logic is my favorite music artist

This what I do on my Friday nights if I’m not at a football game or with family and friends
Lewis Hamilton the worlds best F1 driver. Lewis speaks for people outside of racing he shows him life as kid to where he is today.
Paul Walker the man who caused so many people to get into cars, and lived his life as fast as he could.
Dianel Riccardo another F1 driver who is happy no matter if he wins or loses he is always smiling.
London is where I want to visit some day.
baseball is the first thing I think of when thinking America. The game is called Americas past time.
I think of our troops because they always carry our flag into battle.
I think of Washington DC and it being the heart of our country
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