Liberals Are the New Hipsters: Meaningless Labels Revisited

Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed folks of all political persuasions calling out and blaming liberals for the ills of society. I am guilty of doing this myself.

Unfortunately, nobody can seem to agree on what a liberal is today.

  • If you are an anarchist, liberals are clueless defenders of Nazi free speech.
  • If you are a libertarian, liberals are the global elite.
  • If you are a socialist, liberals are the Bonapartists and technocrats.
  • If you are a progressive, liberals are well-meaning folks who are unaware of their power and privilege.
  • If you are a Republican, liberals are Democrats.
  • If you are a Democrat, liberals are idealistic Bernie supporters.

Calling someone a liberal, like calling someone a hipster, has become a meaningless way to describe anyone who just “doesn’t get it,”
a political idiot who is a clueless, obnoxious, and destructive force of society.

Postmodernism has a way of rearranging language to fit relativistic definitions. I think we’d better start asking each other what we actually
mean when we use labels to describe ourselves and others, and perhaps strive to rely on them less often since they create so much confusion and miscommunication.

We should strive to question our assumptions and favor clarity over brevity.

Otherwise, we will all become liberals.

And by that I mean political idiots.