What to do during NIPS 2019

Marc Seitz
Dec 1, 2019 · 3 min read

This is inspired by Yuxi Lis preamble to NIPS 2018.

NIPS 2019 Poster

NIPS 2019 is approaching. In order to make the best use of this jam-packed 7-day conference, I made a rough plan that I will lay out in the following sections. My motivation for NIPS 2019 is influenced by my interests in non-deterministic environments, encoding complexity in reinforcement learning, and techniques that (might) lead to human-level artificial intelligence. This schedule is biased towards self-supervised learning (SSL) and some reinforcement learning (RL).

Day 1: NIPS 2019 Expo (Dec 8)

NIPS 2019 has a great Expo program that brings together industry players to share how they are contributing to research and implementations. There are 14 consecutive Talks and Panels, two sessions of Workshops with four and five workshops in parallel, and nine Demos from industry partners.

With so much going on in just a single day, you really have to manage your time carefully. I will try to attend Interpretability — now what? and Explainable Reinforcement Learning as well as the following workshops: Causal Inference & Reinforcement learning: Making the right intervention, Responsible and Reproducible AI with PyTorch and Facebook, and Real world reinforcement learning with Vowpal Wabbit.

Day 2: Tutorials (Dec 9)

Although all NIPS tutorials this year sound excellent. I will focus my attention on the following three: Imitation Learning and its Application to Natural Language Generation, Human Behavior Modeling with Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges, and Reinforcement Learning: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives.

Day 3–5: Invited Talks, Papers, and Demos (Dec 10–12)

I am very excited about two invited talks at this year’s NIPS:

Aside from invited talks, there are of course two Poster sessions twice per day, Demonstrations, and Oral presentation.

I have picked a couple of papers that I am reading before NIPS:

Day 6–7: Workshops (Dec 13–14)

There are workshops for everyone at NIPS. The ones I will focus on are:

Misc: Socials and Meetups

There are 15 socials from Tuesday to Thursday.

UPDATE: I was so excited for NIPS but the regular “mobile-friendly” schedule was a bit overwhelming, so I created a Airtable view with the entire program (including speakers and descriptions) so I can customize my schedule for NIPS 2019: https://airtable.com/universe/expwBXEowz7SW9P3E/nips-2019-conference-schedule

And finally,

Which side of the “cake battle” are you on?

I wish everyone an exciting NIPS 2019.

– Marc

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