#TheStart — Motion Traxx

Deekron the Fitness DJ (Dikran Krikorian) was born in Bucharest, Romania and emigrated to the US with his family by way of Lebanon at 2 yrs old.

We laughed about having the same first job: paperboy at New York Newsday. His business partner was his grandfather who took care of the early part of the supply chain, which included folding and bagging the papers and most importantly, getting Deekron out of bed — he was not a morning kid … but which kid was?

We compared war stories, particularly about the most dangerous part of the job: those thin yellow plastic strips that hold bundles of newspapers together and that slice through human skin like butter (…we have several scars to prove it).

I found it ironic that the worst part of the paperboy job for Deekron was accounts receivable; that mainly stemmed from having to stare down massive Great Danes, Rottweilers and German Shepherds at the front doors of homes when collecting his $2.

I got to meet Deekron in grad school. Most of our classmates (writer included) spent the summer after the MBA program traveling around the world to decompress after 2 yrs of hellish study nights, exams, job hunting and Wolverine football (that wasn’t really hellish, that was fucking awesome because we won the national championship and Charles Woodson won the Heisman trophy). But Deekron spent his post-grad-school summer in his father’s homeland of Armenia on self-funded, volunteer projects with the telecommunications ministry and in remote villages rebuilding schools and churches. BADASS!

After spending time early in his career for Ernst & Young in their Entrepreneurial Services Group and with Accenture after the MBA, Deekron bet on himself and followed a passion to work with music.

Deekron had started a mobile DJ business with his brother while in high school (DJ Agent Orange), and later on they started a record label called Gotham Grooves. He combined those experiences with a new focus he had on music production for fitness professionals to start the Motion Traxx podcast which went on to become the top running music podcast on iTunes.

As the business evolved and the popularity increased, Motion Traxx evolved into a fitness app that features audio coaching from nationally recognized fitness trainers like Amy Dixon (trainer on the Oprah network), Paul Katami, Stephanie Vitorino and Jessica Smith, combined with music that matches your workout’s intensity. The secret sauce is the app’s ActionSync technology — pick the time you have (20–40–60 minutes) and your cardio (treadmill-eliptical-cycling-rowing) and you get a coached workout in your ear. See this Business Insider story: “If you hate boring indoor workouts, try this app”.

MotionTraxx has collaborated with top fitness brands like Clif, Gatorade, Fitness magazine, ASICS, Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Propel water, and featured in Shape magazine, Greatist, and About.com.

I use the Motion Traxx app and I can tell you it makes workouts way more fun and challenging, and a lot less boring. If you want a trainer and you’re on a budget, this is a great app for you.

Deekron’s advice to entrepreneurs is Be Hungry and Be Patient, and that the journey is a whole hell of a lot harder than you think.

He also recalls a quote he saw that perfectly sums up his entrepreneurial journey: “Don’t fall in love with the solution, fall in love with the problem”.