I would never have thought that the combination of a pandemic and growing mushrooms would teach me about entrepreneurialism and uplevel my business skills, but life is full of surprises. This past year, I enrolled in a 9-month business course to learn about business but learned more over a few months starting Mushrooms from Mars. I am excited to share my personal growth story as an entrepreneur; my learnings about the market, identifying and testing assumptions, and coming to terms that failing fast is actually a big accomplishment.

I didn’t set out to start a business. A couple of friends asked me to make them mushroom-growing kits. I realized I was going to have extra materials, so I extended the offer to my community through a facebook post. I was totally surprised by the response. Not only did I receive an overwhelming amount of interest, but over 80 growing kits were ordered and purchased within 3 days! I accidentally discovered that this product had product-market fit. This idea clearly matched a customer group’s needs and their desire to buy. …

Five years ago, when I completed an intensive mushroom growing course with Peter McCoy, I had a fantasy to become a mushroom farmer. Little did I know, a pandemic and shelter-in place protocols would lead me to explore this dream in a totally different way.

I had been growing mushrooms on and off ever since that course, and after a successful harvest, a couple of friends asked if I could make them a mushroom growing kit. I said “yes!” At the time, there was a big trend in starting gardens and growing your own food during the shelter-in-place orders. …

Marissa Weitzman

Serving the regeneration of planet earth as an ecological educator, natural builder, and chef.

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