Matt Galligan
Jul 31, 2015 · 1 min read

Sean and I joined Twitter one day apart from each other, back in 2006, and happened to be one of the first 140 people on Twitter. Like Sean, after nearly nine straight years of Twitter being a daily activity for me that’s now no longer the case.

I stopped using Twitter in any meaningful way a few months back. There came a point where I realized the Timeline was adding nothing to my life other than mindless scrolling. Thus, following Helena’s lead I muted all of the people that I followed and haven’t looked back ever since. Now I only occasionally post and barely respond, relying on Nuzzel to surface the links anyone posts.

The thing is, now many months later I don’t miss at all. Like, at all. And I think that’s a big problem for Twitter. The fact that I just turned off the Timeline and never felt any pain was pretty telling to me. At this point it’s going to take a massive shift in the product for me to care. In the meantime, I’ll just revel in my dramatic reduction in time spent with social media.

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