How India’s biggest sub-reddit is being silently censored

Thank you for writing this. I used to love r/India but now they’ve gone over the top with censorship. You can post anything as long as it is against govt or Modi and it will never get removed. But dare you go against the narrative. Mods will find some reason to remove it. Most of the time they give bullshit reasons for post removal like wrong flair and meta. Most of time they don’t even give a reason for banning you. It’s like they’re a running a private website and they can ban anyone they don’t like. it’s my country’s subreddit ffs. We need a revolution on r/India . We need new mods that we will elect ourselves. We are the largest democracy in the world and it’s a shame we have no liberty in our own country’s subreddit.

Now this has been posted on r/India . I’m sure mods have not seen it until now otherwise it’d have been removed by now. And the best irony would be when mods censor this post about censorship on the subreddit.

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