leadership and Solitude

Mariah Griffith


October 20, 2015


This Tuesday in class we talk about the quotes that we read from Meditations. I actually like this activity because I feel like this was the first time we actually went over homework during the class period. I appreciated this because I got the chance to see how my other classmates thought about the quotes from the reading. I came in the class late so I missed the weekly quiz, which was my fault because I made the assumption that the quiz would be given at the end of class. But we also got our test back and I received a 73%, which was not so bad.


October 22, 2015


Today in class I walked in a little late. This class really pushes me to get up really early and I am still getting use to it. But in this class decision we talked our visit to the Martin Luther King Memorial. We talked about where the memorial was placed. We also talked about what kind of monument you thought it was. I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King monument is more of a political one. The reason is because he was wearing a suit and many of the quotes around are quotes that strict me as more political then religious.


October 23, 2015


During this studying time period I decided to answer the questions that we had on the syllabus. I also tried to read over the articles that we had in class and take notes in order to study for our second exam. This was kind of heard because I was not sure what the second exam is gong to be on. I think after we read about Alcibiades, I became more confused about the work load and what we are actually studying in order to pass the test.

1. Questions about this read.

a. What were some challenges that William Deresiewicz faced on his journey to finding his new knowledge?

b. What are some ways you would change society if you had the chance to?

2. According to William Deresiewicz I believe the meaning to be alone with your thoughts are basically focusing on something. You have to fully commit to this one activity because if you try to multitask then you would not be truly be alone with your thoughts. You achieve this by completely empting your mind of everything and focusing.

3. In my views today I face many challenges in thinking for myself. One of the challenges I face is listening to other people’s opinion on my thoughts and ideas. My second challenge would be to for me to actually clear my mind and focus on one thing. My third challenge is actually finding time to think for myself.


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