I knew it was awake the moment the sun set on the 23rd of November. The moon crept into the sky and I felt uneasy stepping back over the threshold from the front porch. It felt more empty every time I stood in the doorway. Looking through the dining room, I saw one of the kitchen cabinets wide open.

I hadn’t opened that cabinet in weeks.

My heels lashed against the hardwood floor; the slam of the cabinet door the echoed through my hollow house. I heard it bounce off the walls, ricocheting from doorway to doorway all the way…

She speaks. What will it take to make us listen?

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

The sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky. I remember finding it glaringly so until it was reflecting off the pages of her book. Through the windshield, they were casting a warm, almost angelic glow across her face. I remember her face. She looked up from her book and met my eyes. A smirk played across her soft features. I know something you don’t.

Earlier that day, Devin had grabbed his keys and a pack of Lucky Strikes he lifted off his dad from his nightstand, and…

Maddie Gabrielson

Writing fiction inspired by life and living a life inspired by fiction. Blooming short story writer who likes to dabble in everything from romance to horror.

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