As technology speeds ahead with software development now using common frameworks, open source collaboration, and nimble teams, what innovations are you most excited about?

Here are a few trends and areas I think are exciting, emerging areas of technology innovation:

Health & wellness — new apps like Calm, Centr, F45, yoga and fitness tracking apps are helping people improve their diets, boost activities with exercises and group virtual training

Electric vehicles (EV)—new EV truck, car, bike & scooter companies are sprouting up as battery storage and electric vehicles are becoming more efficient, and cost-effective to make while saving costs on…

If you are looking for a flight deal or have in mind a future upcoming trip, there are a few apps and tips that are worth trying first to get the best deals:

  1. Hopper — Download Hopper on your phone and set the trips you want to watch (Set Nearest Airport and Destination City) as well as dates you want to book. Notifications can alert you to book a flight when the bunny finds you a great deal! You can also see upcoming calendars for cheapest/best dates to fly in planning ahead. …

The Opportunity for Better User Interfaces and Mixed Reality

While using a dinky Roku remote control and trying to connect an Xbox One S controller wirelessly to a Smart TV, it is clear that user interfaces and how people interact with technology are in need of vast improvements. New immersive hardware combined with mixed reality experiences will contribute to the proliferation of new user interfaces.

With VR past its emerging stage and new apps being built, it is certain this area will change drastically. One example being worked out is the virtual experience of Windows Mixed Reality machines. After seeing…

Every person has a unique perspective on life and we are all different. What we do and how makes us who we are. We are all in this together. There is so much passion, inspiration, love, fun and excitement going on in the world on the same planet we all share. How this is shared is something we wanted to make better and worthy of the experiences people fondly remember and cherish. Many times people are working on a goal or have an idea to do something. This is the start of a Voyage.

A trip exploring a new area…

Reading about brush fires regularly in California is new to me. Being from the East Coast where summer is not accompanied by fears of thousands of acres being destroyed by fires, this is a real threat to people’s livelihoods and environment. The current ‘Sage Fire’ has forced about 2,000 people to flee their homes (Source: CBS News). A fire chief of LA County indicated that this is the most volatile season in over 100 years and in the last two months over 100,000 acres have burned in California!

My coworkers shared stories of past evacuations in their areas or friends’…

Ev Williams when will Medium include ads if at all? Also, how do you filter out SPAM or attention-seeking posts?

In New York, it is evident that motor vehicle traffic is not declining. Riding along the Cross Bronx Expressway, Brooklyn Queen Expressway, or the Long Island Expressway during rush hour, construction, or after an accident leads to mass congestion, delays, pollution, and unsafe driving conditions. Starting and stopping while in a car during periods of high traffic is extremely dangerous, and with aggressive drivers and an increasing population this is only getting worse. The driverless car is slowly becoming a reality and would help improve transportation in New York.

Image credit: Google,

The start of the driverless car revolution is underway and in…

Writing by nature as I am doing now on Medium is creating. I am thinking, revising, typing, and recording my ideas.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the director of a new site hitRECord. From the site, hitRECord is an open collaborative production company. Think of it as a studio where artists collaborate on projects together and remix each others work with the potential to contribute to money-making productions.

Within a few minutes of being on the site, I found myself submitting a short film script for a Monthly Script Workshop. I read through this request for writers and thought I would…

After learning a useful tool, program or software there is a fondness which makes you come back or want to use it again.

Recently Slack is quickly becoming that for myself and my two friends. We are collaborating on a few projects and Slack has given us an outlet to quickly get in touch as needed. For those who do not know yet, Slack is a free messaging app that allows you to create and join channels through the web or mobile app.

What is so great about the app is that it is so easy to learn, meaning it…

The future of web development, design and apps is reactive. Reactive means that the technology ‘reacts’ to a user’s actions.

For development this means an open browser window will update reactively to any changes. In other words, a blog post edited in one window will be reflected in real-time in another. Read more about reactivity in development here.

For apps and user design, this means adjustment to the user’s behavior and preferences. Services such as Google Now or “launchers” on your phone show this. Read more about launchers here.

Basically your phone, laptop, and your digital services are now synced…

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