Respected Sources on Tap Water Safety

When it comes to analyzing how safe tap water is, and figuring out if it is as safe as the government officials say it is, it’s imperative to turn to respected organizations who write about the topic that have credibility and find out what their view is. After doing some research there are many organizations that write about tap water safety and the dangers of tap water but I think that the top respected sources would be the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and the Mother Nature Network. All of these organizations are enormous and command audiences that number in the millions so when any of them publish an article about an issue such as water safety people listen.

For instance the Huffigton Post which is considered to be a politically liberal online news aggregator and blog that has won many awards and accolades for its news reporting. Founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffigton, the website was ranked number one of the fifteen most popular political sites based on its global traffic ranking. The news aggregator features thousands of guest bloggers who write on political issues, one of them being tap water safety and the dangers of tap water. Guest bloggers generally appeal to experts and authorities on issues when they take a position of an issue and it is very easy to follow where their sources came from. These type of rhetorical features really make their writing effective.

Another respected organization writing about tap water safety, which also happens to be one of my favorites, is the Mother Nature Network which was founded back in 2009 by marketing executive Joel babbit and rolling stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell. is the most visited site on the web for news and information related to sustainability. It generates of 7 million unique visitors and is ranked number 3 among environmental websites. The website features content pertaining to anything related to the environment and sustainability and one of the issues it has covered quite well is the dangers of tap water. Authors covering the topic use info-graphics to convey information along with links back to official sources like the Environmental Protection Agency to support facts and statistics used in their content. This provides a very effective way to make their rhetorical style of writing very effective.

Overall there are many organizations and people who write about tap water and potential risks concerning the purity of it but generally I believe that the organizations listed in this article are among the most reputable when talking about the subject. When you take into account their respective track records, accolades, and popularity throughout the United States it is easy to see why they are respected and the go to sources for information, especially when it is on a social issue like the safety of tap water.

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