If you want to level up as an engineer, read the code. All of it.
Joel Kemp

Totally agree with this mentality, as it says something also about the individuals motivation and work-ethic. Had an engineering candidate at a fairly known saas company applying for a senior leadership role with a massive salary ask. And in the course of the interview, when I pushed them on how other parts of the stack operated with their specific piece of the service. They just brushed it off as someone else’s code and as non-important. I found that troublesome. As a senior leader in past companies, making decisions in terms of planning the architecture required me to know several other services/systems. I had read all the devops code, the etl process, and had built the front-end architecture layer. That information was all imperative. And I did that work because I knew it was important and valuable for me to build a system/service that could garner buying from the other technical leaders. For the candidate that suggested that was not part of their job; I took that as a sign they hadn’t matured to the level they needed in order to have a senior leadership role.

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