Beacon Technology Uses in the Nonprofit Industry

In this article, we are going to see how to use Beacon technology for purposes other than commercial marketing and sales, primarily in the field of not-for-profit organisations.

First, what is this Beacon Technology…

For any us among here who is not familiar with Beacon Technology, let me tell in simple terms — it is a sensor that identifies (sense) smart devices around it… within a specific range, to be precise. This technology is growing in popularity and is quite useful in the field of target and commercial marketing and sales. There are several interesting applications of the Beacon technology, and one such interesting use has been in the field of nonprofits (as opposed to commercial sales driven businesses).

I have come up with a short but concise list of roles that Beacon Technology can play in the field of not-for-profit organisations, and also seminars, conferences, and other similar events.

  • The attendees’ attendance along with timings:

We can not only know the number of attendees, but also how long they have stayed for the event/conference/seminar, when they have arrived and when they have left. This helps us determine the time range within which we have had the maximum and minimum number of attendees, the average leaving time, etc. This, in turn, allows us to understand our events better, how to position them, etc.

  • Navigation within the event:

An event can comprise of several seminars, speeches, conferences, and other sub-events. It is not always easy to assist attendees to navigate within the event. It takes a lot of planning, but it takes even more planning to communicate the same properly to people who attend your event. The Beacon Technology can be used to inform attendees on the nearest seminars, alert them to discussions that will be coming on based on the current time, etc., so that attendees are well informed and do not miss out on the sub-events that they have been looking forward to. It can also assist people to easily navigate to the help desk/support area, canteen/cafeteria, etc.

  • Feedback:

Feedbacks are an integral part of all events and happenings, and even more important is the correctness of the feedback that we receive. Since feedbacks help us improve, better and learn , we have to make sure that we receive feedback from every person who has attended (ideally) and also receive proper feedback. Usually, we request for feedbacks the day after the event, when things have cooled off regarding the event. But by using Beacon Technology, we can request feedbacks from attendees even as they are leaving the premises, and thereby ensure that the memory is fresh. There is more possibility of an attendee responding to a feedback request when asked immediately, and the probability of better appropriateness is also more.

  • Building a network/community:

We can request attendees to also sign up to our newsletters or subscribe to our emails as and when they are in the event, and still have our organisation in mind. It is easier to build a community this way rather than postpone it to the next day, or a while after the event has taken place.

  • Special Offers/Discounts:

It is all the more exciting for people who attend the event to recieve special offers and discounts while they are still in the event. We can keep them posted of upcoming events, similar conferences or seminars, and provide them details of the same, in order to keep them hooked with our organisation. A sort of sneak peek can push up their interest a bit more.

  • Follow ups:

Finally, we can use Beacon Technology for keeping a follow up with attendees. We can send information of the speakers, organisers and so on to the attendees. Furthermore, we can provide mmore links regarding the topics covered, and many such information that might be considered to keep the people around the organisation interested. Also, we can follow up not only with the people who attend the events but also with the speakers, organisers, participants and so on.

These are some of the roles that Beacon Technology can play in the field of not-for-profits. One can be much more creative and find many other interesting ways to use this technology; not only in this field but in many other fields as well. My point is that Beacon Technology is not restricted to the field of commercial marketing alone, and it can be well utilised in several other fields, and we can harness the full potential of it.

I would recommend you to read the case study on the application we did with Beacons (IoT Landscape) here: IoT — Nearable Solution (Beacon — Estimote)

Would love to hear your comments and experience on this topic…

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