Top 7 Online Super Life Hacks This Year, So Far

I constantly look out for online hacks that can help us from getting frustrated or lose our cool over the unalterable facts of the internet! Many a times, it becomes too tiresome to read the entire article to just pick out one important point, or search the internet for what you read a while back, or any such trivial thing! The point is, these trivial things can really add up to our frustration. I have come up with a few hacks that can save us this frustration this year… and they are really cool! Check them out:

1) Google Translate:

This is quite known among many. Sometimes proofreading can get out of hand and troublesome. We might not be able reread the same thing we have written and figure out what needs to be changed or done better. No matter the amount of time we spend, there is no guarantee that we get hold of all the mistakes. This is where Google Translate can help. Just paste the text into Google Translate without changing the language, and hear it voice out in order to catch all left out errors, even the minor ones.

2) Amazon:

This is good news to many. Often, after shopping online, the price gets dropped lower! Maybe you have noticed this, or maybe not… I have, and it has happened quite many times. But with Amazon, if the price of the product you purchased drops down within the next 7 days, you just have to let Amazon know… and they will refund the price difference to you! Who would not appreciate this step?!

3) Search for the specific page:

This is a real online life hack, and it could be a lifesaver at all times. We are frequently in situations where we want to get back to a page we visited a while ago, but do not remember the exact page. Never mind… we are now saved if we know the website and the topic. All we need to do is go to Google, type ‘site: <> <topic>’. Google will immediately fetch the page you were looking for.

4) TLDR — the Google Chrome Extension:

This is also another super online life hack handed over to us by Google. TLDR (which stands for ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read) is an extension in Google Chrome, which when installed, minimises the page’s content for us, and thereby facilitates a quick read. This is necessary when we need to search for (a) particular point(s) in a page and do not have time to read long texts to achieve the purpose. TLDR solves this issue for us by providing a summary of the page to us, and also offers us three options — small, medium, long. These options shrink the text; in the sense, pick out all essential and main points of the text and renders it to us. Small provides us with 25% of the content, medium with 50% and long with 75% of the page content.

5) Unsubscribe at a go:

It could be annoying when your email subscriptions have gone out of hand, and your inbox is filled with subscribed emails. Now we have a hack for this — Unroll. This is a free tool that will help us list out all our subscriptions at a go, and can unsubscribe those you want, by choice.

6) Find what is worn:

Are you a fashion buff? Do you like to replicate a celebrity, or maybe you just want to know what some particular person on a TV show or movie was wearing. Now, there is a tool to find this out as quick and easy as possible. Worn on TV is what we can use to find out what has been worn — it provides us with all details of the attire including its name, seller, the cost, and pictures of the model wearing it. This makes it easier than never before to step into the look of your favourite celebrity.

7) Watch Online Guide:

This is another tool, an online platform, to be precise, that eases the process of watching movies and TV shows online. Instead of having to search link by link for the best site to watch programmes online, Watch Online Guide provides us with a list of the best renderers of the show or movie we are looking for. The Watch Online Guide comes up with the best providers and hence we can choose from these; we might even stumble upon a new entertainment provider that suits us best.

These are the super online life hacks that I have figured out so far, for this year. Let us hope more of such tools and hacks come up for our ease, comfort and convenience…

Would love to hear your comments and experience on this topic…

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