I Hate These Disgusting Politicians…

From both parties,
who wear little flags on their lapels
say how much they love this country…

But behind closed doors
where it counts
they are in the re-election business

Selling legislation
to blood-sucking lobbyists
for campaign donations…
or worse

It’s not every politician,
but it’s too many

Instead of doing what’s right
they trade away
our freedom,
our finances,
and our future

Is this the Democracy
all those men and women fought for?
And died for?

The way forward
the way to change things
the way to stand up
and say
“We are not gonna take it any more”
is simple.

Learn what’s going on,
and vote.

Written, performed & edited by Mark Gavagan

Music by Dan Phillipson (https://twitter.com/danphillipson)

Photo credits:

US Nat’l Archives (lapel pin)

Danny Huizinga (capital building)

Joyce cory (vultures)

White House P090909LJ-0269 (congress)

Nicholas A. Tonelli (rusted car)

US Nat’l Archives (American Woman Suffrage)

George Conklin (Martin Luther King, Jr.),

Beverly “@Walkadog” on Flickr (Arlington National Cemetery),

Thomas Hawk (staircase)

Ed Coyle (statue of liberty)

All photos cropped & Creative Commons lic (bit.ly/cr8comm)

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