On the GOP Healthcare Bill

I think there is a LOT that needs to change about ACA, but this bill is not the right step.

Healthcare is SO complicated, personal and expensive that it’s hard to imagine any great solution.

TO learn about the bill, check out FactCheck.org’s “The Facts on the GOP Health Care Bill.”

Most people understand the tension that more coverage means more cost — we can’t have something and ignore the cost (and who should pay that cost).

There’s also the issue of how much healthcare services should cost and how lucrative they should be.

Our for-profit system creates powerful incentives and unintended consequences, but also many benefits.

If my horribly unhealthy lifestyle causes an expensive health problem down the road, shouldn’t I personally pay much more for this?

The other side of this coin is that health problems due to unlucky genetics or other “out of someone’s control” circumstances are exactly what insurance should cover (getting sick and THEN getting insurance isn’t fair to all the others who have paid all along).

I don’t know the answer, but this bill isn’t it.