The Opposite of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn® is the online professional social network, facilitating connections that can lead to great opportunities.

Each user’s profile also serves as an online record of their professional and educational endeavors, much like a traditional resume or CV.

Of course LinkedIn has built a wonderful business upon all of these relationships and information, helping job recruiters and job seekers find one another.

“You cannot be all things to all people…” — Robert Kiyosaki

While LinkedIn will surely continue to deliver great value and dominate in its space, Enlightened Jobs is testing a different approach that might serve some job seekers, recruiters and employers very well.

So What’s Different?

  • Users are anonymous — no networking, or concerns about what others think (encourages thoughtful & honest profile content)
  • Profiles are devoid of resume items like job titles, institutions, and years of experience, which often send bad signals about capabilities & interests
  • Profiles reveal useful and insightful information* about candidates that leads to better matching (and can’t be found elsewhere)
* For example, profiles include users’ strongest skills that they really enjoy using, what they’re interested in learning or developing, and what they want to avoid in their next job.
  • Recruiters & employers can review unlimited anonymous profiles, at no cost whatsoever
  • When a recruiter or employer finds a profile that fits a specific job opening, he or she share anonymous info about the position & company (no cost)
  • If the candidate & recruiter both choose, they’re put in direct contact with one another (recruiter pays a nominal fee for this “handshake”)


While Enlightened Jobs is a small pebble on the road to a diverse and inclusive workforce, our anonymous “skills & interests” based matching does make it much less likely candidates will be eliminated or favored due to “unconscious bias.”

“Unconscious” — not intentional and the person with the bias isn’t even aware, because it’s happening “behind the scenes.”
“Bias” — an unfair inclination or prejudice for or against a person or group

Learn more via the Techstars “Diversity and Inclusion in Technology” report.

Feedback Wanted (please)

Whether you are inspired by our approach, or strongly disagree with any of the ideas above, please share your feedback via public or private comments.


Check out Enlightened Jobs for yourself, and share it with anyone you think highly of — we need to connect with all the great job seekers, recruiters and employers we can!

Thank you.

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