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We are building comprehensive financial and business MGBank platform (codenamed Tokamak) to drastically expand blockchain and cryptocurrencies from a sandbox to the real world. Today practical use of cryptocurrencies is prevented by a number of factors:

• high cost of transactions;

• the long confirmation of transactions;

• extreme volatility;

• the absence of standardization;

• lack of a convenient and functional API.

The solution of these key problems demands the evolution of the basic ideas of cryptocurrencies. Cryptosphere needs a diverse infrastructure and expansion of the scoupe of use of crypto-assets and blockchain application. It is necessary to consolidate the segmental parts and provide a synergistic effect. Our Tokamak platform realizes this kind of evolution.

The project aims at providing the participants of the market with the blockchain instruments of decreasing the costs, increasing the speed and convenience of financial and business operations, expanding the use of products and services of participants, increasing profits. As a part of evolution we designed the concept of Cryptopair — MGCoin and MGCash. This approach provides the stable course of cryptocurrency on the one hand, and the opportunity to invest on the other hand. Wherein, the high speed of transactions and their low cost are realized.

Other important thing of platform is a Personal capitalization ­ the mechanism of the automatic determination of the credit or other rating of a user, based on the data of their financial transactions and various other information. This will let the users to get loans at minimum rates fast, to provide priority services, pay later service, interest-free installments and other benefits. It also provides for the accumulation of non-financial reviews (from stores, hotels, employers, colleagues, resorts, friends, etc.) in order to capitalize them.

Also the platform provides built-in subsystem of P2P lending. Today P2P platforms

are among the fastest growing segment in the financial services space. The meeting of a creditor and a borrower happens on the online platform, where they conclude an agreement. Not only private individuals can act as creditors, but also institutional investors. The advantage of P2P lending over traditional bank crediting is the high speed of bargains, getting credit by the individual, not interesting for banks, more profitable conditions both for a borrower and an investor. Tokamak provides functionality for performing P2P lending transactions in various currencies both without security and on security of crypto and traditional assets.

Other key features of platform are:

• providing payment transactions (including API for social networks, messengers, games, etc.);

• multicurrency (both fiat and crypto currencies);

• smart account;

• digital wallet;

• third-party services;

• smart contracts;

• electronic workflows;

• financial marketplace (including bonds, shares, loans, insurances, etc);

  • KYC provider and so on.

More detail on our website: https://mainglobalbank.com

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