First Lady?

Where are the nominations for the First Lady? I hope donnie doesn’t give up just because of that one refusal. He needs to look in his own swampy backyard to see the three people who are just waiting for the nod. There’s Steve Bannon (after all, he DID give up his job for the donald!), Kellyanne Conway (donnie got her back on camera whether the camera liked it or not), and Ivanka Trump (she’s probably at loose ends since Nordstrom’s doesn’t carry her trinkets any more).

I think the smart money should be on Steve Bannon. While all three are comfortable being donnie’s shills, Steve keeps a lower profile and advises him from the shadows.

Ivanka is a shoe-in for the Arm-Candy-in-Chief position. She meets the most important qualification for the job which is keeping her mouth well-lipsticked, pouty, and mostly shut.

Kellyanne has the capacity to lie in the face of facts (and interviewers) in a mostly convincing way. But she’s just reactionary. She needs donnie to give her the shocking comments and actions so she can come up with things to lie about. She can’t do it without his prompts. He’s a very busy man and can’t be counted on to always be her idea man.

But Steve is the mover and shaker. He devises plans to keep the evil alive and growing. While he probably loves money, he’s willing to help donnie achieve his financial dreams first. Steve will just be happy to have access to nuclear weapons so that he can show them to the boys that used to beat him up on the playground. He’ll really show them all now!

And donnie gets to leave the White House richer than he was when he came in. Instead of slowly cheating people individually, (think Trump University and contractors), he gets to cheat every single person in this country whether they voted for him or not.