The GREATEST things are sometimes Unexplainable…Trust your gut…

So I’m always thinking…as most of us are :) but for me it’s always…am I doing what I LOVE…am I excited about working on this…am I wasting my time….what should I say yes to…what should I say no to…what should I STOP doing….what’s my sweet spot….why isn’t this working…shouldn’t I be moving faster….everyone says this is the way to succeed at this why isn’t working….and the list goes on and on!

Then people ask me hey what are you doing now? Are you still doing video? I don’t really understand what you do.

So now I start thinking some more :) How do I explain what I do. How do I make it clear and easy to understand. How do I not have to spend an hour going over my whole story trying to explain what I do…..??!?!?!

Well here’s the thing that comes back to the title of this piece.

“The GREATEST things are sometimes Unexplainable…”

See for me and you to if you just stop and look…you will see that hindsight is almost always 20/20!! So looking at the past I can almost always see why things went down the way the went down etc. But I sure the hell can’t explain it in the moment.

See it takes me LOTS of trial and error to figure things out. But I’m always doing my BEST to learn in the process!

So let me explain a few things from my past that at the time of doing them most people didn’t understand it, thought I was crazy, questioned my reasoning which my reasoning really boiled down to THIS simple answer

“I don’t know how to explain it but I can just tell you it’s better”

So one of these unexplainable things back in the day that actually changed my life trajectory forever!

Let me show you how I took something I couldn’t explain, couldn’t “sell”, people didn’t understand and I ended up making it my MAIN offering and getting paid SUPER WELL FOR IT and my business exploded because of it….

What you are about to read talks a lot about wedding videos…but you can plug in just about anything you may be working on. Because I have this same story in the personal development/coaching industry!

So I started a video production company really in high school doing funeral slide shows and then officially started the company when I was 19 and I filmed anything and everything. I did anything and everything related to video that people would let me do.

Well one thing I kind of fell into from a friends neighbor asking me was filming weddings. I have filmed over 300 weddings in 10 years. Now here’s the thing. I had overall no idea what I was doing. I told my mom I had to film a wedding and she gave me a friends DVD and I looked at that. Well I filmed that wedding did the best I could and low and behold someone asked me to do another and another and another….I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I started looking people up in the industry and seeing what others did. I let OTHERS GUIDE ME…

Now here’s where most of us go WRONG WRONG WRONG!! WE let others GUIDE us FOREVER! See I believe it’s ok to let others guide you in the beginning when you have no idea what you are doing…but to let others guide you forever can be deadly.

I believe is ALWAYS a silver lining if you are looking for it…There actually is a silver bullet if you are looking for it…but let me explain.

See by letting others guide you in the beginning when you have no idea what’s going you can start building a foundation. You can start doing what I call M.I.A. (Massive Imperfect Action)! Start throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Now the piece you CAN’T forget…don’t endlessly throw stuff at the wall forgetting that some stuff is STICKING!

See because that stuff that is STICKING is the silver is the Silver Lining! It IS the thing you MOST likely LOVE doing more then anything else but because you are so busy endlessly throwing stuff at the wall you miss what is right in front. The thing that is SO SIMPLE it seems it could NEVER work. Because things have to be COMPLICATED RIGHT?!??!?

WRONG they do NOT have to be complicated they can be simple. They can be FUN! That simple fun exciting thing can be the thing that blows you up. But that simple fun exciting thing could also be the THING that everyone questions…everyone thinks is CRAZY…no one understands it or YOU!!

See for me that was something called a Same Day Edit for weddings.

Well here’s the thing. I did my VERY FIRST same day edit back in 2006!!! I only did ONE Same Day Edit in 2006. Now I probably did around 15–20 weddings that year. But here’s where the others guiding me comes in. I was shooting and editing all the wedding based on the “Industry” and what they did. I was following others. Which was fine…when did it become a problem? When I kept following the CROWD all the was until 2010.

By that time I was so overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, and hated what I did that I almost got out of the entire industry has a whole a gave up. I had a back log of weddings to edit a mile long, I was over 9 months behind delivering peoples wedding DVDs!!

HELL I was afraid to answer the phone, answer my e-mail, or even go to the movies because I thought there would be a couple there who would chew me out for enjoying myself when I should be editing their videos.

So let’s circle back for one second to 2007–2010 and what I was doing for those weddings. Also mind you weddings were NOT the only thing I was doing in my business but we will save that for another time.

So in 2006 I did 15–20 weddings and did ONE Same Day Edit. Ok GREAT. When I did that first Same Day Edit I didn’t even tell the couple ANYTHING! I surprised them. When I showed it I was HOOKED…OMG :)

I LOVED everything about it and so did the couple and so did the audience. Well in 2006 my average wedding was maybe $750. I decided in 2007 to raise my prices just like the industry was telling me to DO! So the main package I was trying to book was now for $2,000. I only did like 7 weddings in 2007…..

But I did a Same Day Edit at almost EVERY SINGLE one of those weddings!!

Now people hired me for those 7 weddings NOT because of the Same Day Edit but because of the other “Stuff” I was offering! Which was upwards of EIGHT yes 8 different videos. None of those 8 were the Same Day Edit.

See the Same Day Edit was NOT something everyone was doing in fact I only knew ONE other company in a 5 hour radius of where I lived that was doing them. So the industry taught me I needed to sell the Same Day Edit as something extra. Let me tell you this one thing USE MAJOR CAUTION when learning from others and letting them GUIDE YOU. Some of the guides are nothing more then TROLLS disguised as GUIDES.

So I would try and “sell” the Same Day Edit to people who first off barely wanted to pay for a wedding video because MOST people and rightfully so thought wedding videos SUCKED. Which MOST did…So trying to sell them something called the Same Day Edit…well they could NOT wrap theirs heads around that at all.

These were things I would hear. Why would we want that…I mean the ceremony just happened a few hours before that why would we want to relive it so soon? Wouldn’t the video be A LOT better if you spent more then two hours editing it? I just don’t get it…That seems interesting…Yea that’s not worth it to me my guests will be bored…

So let’s just say this..some understood it and paid for it in addition to everything else they were getting. Some understood it and didn’t want to pay for it. Some didn’t understand and of course didn’t pay for it.

Funny thing is I still did it no matter 95% of the time for all these different people whether they wanted it or not…whether they paid for it or not.

See I LOVED doing the Same Day Edit and I LOVED the reaction I would get when I surprised people with it!!! So let me tell you this the people who experienced it at a wedding…well when they called me about booking me there was NO EXPLANATION needed :) Those couples would switch around their dates to book me. They sometimes would say I was too much money and then look around for a few months and come back to me because they couldn’t find anyone with my passion or that would do the Same Day Edit.

Well I had the “industry” say why are you doing them for free? Why are you wasting your time. Why aren’t you just doing longer videos? They just kept questioning me. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t swayed by these people. Some of these were people I really looked up to and who did really well. So I figured they HAD to be right!!

WRONG they were DEAD WRONG LOL!!! What was “working” for them may have WORKED for them but it wasn’t working for me!

I was going NUTS!! Because although I was doing Same Day Edits at a lot of my weddings..I was still doing ALL these other videos that I thought I needed to be doing because of what others (people I thought were successful and I looked up to) in the industry were doing.

Until one day I was at a reception in 2010 and I asked a couple who had their wedding DVDs for almost 6 months how much they were enjoying their DVDS…? They said OMG OMG we LOVE the Same Day Edit we still watch it all the time! Our friends LOVE it to!! I’m thinking OK AWESOME I LOVED it to and I had it done that day! But what about the other stuff that was causing me so much stress, that had me backed logged for what felt like the rest of my LIFE! You know the stuff I didn’t get around to for 9 months because I was dreading working on it……?

The couple oh yea ummm well I mean we haven’t really looked at anything else on the DVD yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAAAAAAAAAT!!?!?!?! Are you freaking SERIOUS is what I’m thinking!!!

So I go on a hunt and find out this was true with a lot of my couples!!

So you mean that ONE FREAKING SIMPLE thing I LOVED happened to be the ONE thing my couples, their friends and everyone else on the planet LOVED as well!??!?!??!?!? IT WAS TRUE!!

So I made a REALLY BOLD move!! I went from offering 5–10 videos with every wedding package that would take well over 75 hours to complete to just pretty much offering ONE VIDEO — — the SAME DAY EDIT!!! I ended up also charging the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY which at the time was around $3,500. But until this time I was thinking what else can I offer them to be able to charge MORE MONEY!! That was the WRONG QUESTION TO ASK!!!

See after I made this simple yet HUGE SHIFT!! My BUSINESS EXPLODED!!!


YES :) See because before on a lot of levels I was doing a half ass job because I wasn’t really pouring my heart and soul into anything more then the Same Day Edit. Which was GREAT but all the OTHER stuff DRAGGED ME DOWN!!!

So now in half of 2010 and beyond I was able to charge $3,500…all the way to upwards of $6,000 JUST to do the Same Day Edit. Which would be done that day..the freaking day of the wedding!!

But here’s the thing from 2006–2010 MOST PEOPLE didn’t understand what I was doing or WHY I was DOING IT and quite honestly when asked by people who hadn’t experienced it I would simply say I don’t know how to explain that it’s better but I’m just telling you that it IS….Something just comes over me and I work HARDER LOL which in some ways I 10000% see why that could sound crazy to the normal person. Because MOST people think hours spent on something means that something will be BETTER then the person who spends less time.

But if I’m skilled enough to get the RESULT in 2 hours would you rather wait 2 years and not potentially have something any better then I did in 2 hours…

See that’s what I was hung up on forever I couldn’t see the VALUE in what I was doing. It wasn’t until I almost hit ROCK BOTTOM that I finally said —

FUCK IT!! This is what I’m going to do and it’s either going to WORK or I’m getting out of this and doing something else!!

I became what looked like VERY SELFISH when in fact it was the BEST thing I could have done for ME!! I said this is the way I’m going to dress, speak, edit, shoot, pick out the music…etc etc. IT was guess what me FINALLY BEING ME!! Which was me actually NOW more then ever before POURING MY HEART and SOUL into what I was doing and people FELT IT, PEOPLE SAW IT, PEOPLE EXPERIENCED IT!! It changed my LIFE, others LIVES, and my business forever!

Within one year of making this decision I shot for Tim Ferriss the author of the 4 Hour Work Week, then the Buried Life, Jayson Gaignard, Josh Shipp, Tony Robbins, Yanik Silver, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, went to Sir Richard Bransons Island 4 times, and so many more epics people and adventures!!

I’ve got to STOP here and say this worked for ME I’m not saying it will work for YOU!! To many people are telling you something and saying they did this and follow me and it WILL work for you! Thats BULLSHIT!

When they started, where they live, who they met, how they do it… etc etc ALL plays a factor into how things play out for someone!

The whole point of all of this is follow others….but not forever you have to develop you own instinct and follow your gut, follow your heart…..look for the silver lining…look for the thing that is sticking on the wall. LOOK FOR THAT SIMPLE thing and don’t be afraid that because it’s not complicated that it won’t work!! It JUST may be the thing that changes your LIFE forever!!

See that’s actually just one SIMPLE thread in my LIFE of something I couldn’t explain but kept doing because of the way it made me and others feel! That thing you’d be willing to do for FREE might just be that thing that people seek you out to do and will pay you a PREMIUM to do if you just KEEP doing it, LOVING it, and getting better at IT!!


Do YOUR BEST and you NEVER know what’s going to happen until it happens!!

This will be another story for another day. But the SAME thing is happening in my LIFE again!!

People are asking me what I’m doing and honestly I can’t really explain it very clearly at all. Instead I say you just have to EXPERIENCE it and that is two things an event I’ve been holding with my partner Steve Sisler called the Jumpstarters Experience which you can see at and also doing a call with Steve Sisler. It changed my LIFE and I believe it will change yours. You can see more about Steve and what he does at

Right now it might not be clear. But it sure feels right and that’s ALL that matters to me!! I know because I’ve don’t it once I can DO IT AGAIN!! I just have to be PATIENT and keep asking questions and one day the answer will be CRYSTAL CLEAR…..

Rock and ROLL my friends and if you made it this freaking far WOWOWOWO!! hahahah. This just flowed out of me and I hope you found it helpful! Reach out if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments….

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