Pack Your Bags | Edition No. 5/1

A letter from Maria Gangemi of M.Gemi.

Ciao Readers,

Have you packed your bags yet?

To pack a suitcase is to kick off an adventure. To ready yourself for new experiences in unfamiliar places. Every item that goes into that suitcase holds promise — for where you might go and how you might reimagine yourself and your life when you allow yourself to get away. When you expose yourself to something new.

Our clients love newness. And part of what we do as a postluxury brand is listen to what our clients want. It’s why in addition to debuting new shoes every Monday, we’ll launch a new edition that features a host of styles all inspired by a single theme on the first of the month—starting in May. The first of these themes is “Pack your bags.”

We were feeling a sense of wanderlust and optimism.
“Pack your bags” feels like just the right theme to kick off this adventure together.

The shoes in our “Pack your bags” edition all capture the spirit of newness and exploration on our minds right now. We were inspired by Sorrento, where visitors to the Italian coast often kick off their journeys. You’ll see lots of blue and coral and sand — those quintessential Sorrento colors. You’ll also see plenty of laid back, escapist spirit: styles that snake up the ankle, relaxed jute and canvas, and the kind of easy, wear-with-anything sandals that can take you from morning until night. No need to pack anything else.

The shoes in this edition have an easy, escapist vibe.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Sorrento this summer. We’re pairing up with Blair Eadie, who writes her blog, Atlantic Pacific from the West Village in New York, and Ahn Sundstrom of 9to5Chic, who shares fashion inspiration from her outpost in Marin County’s Tiburon, just outside San Francisco. We’ll also hear from Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook in Los Angeles and Catt Sadler of E! and The Cattwalk (she’s always packing and unpacking!). Together they’ll share the ways they maintain effortless style on a getaway, and inspire you to tap into that vacation vibe all month long — no matter where you are.

Come with us on Instagram and Snapchat where the adventure is definitely on.

So let’s get packing, shall we? Go ahead and see Edition No. 5/1 now — I can’t wait to hear what you think.

A presto,


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Maria Gangemi is a Sicilian-born shoe aficionado and namesake of M.Gemi, where she heads our design and merchant team.

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