The Baffling Reason Why So Many Millennials Hate Baby Boomers
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I don’t understand this silly culture war that keeps getting promoted between Millennials and Baby Boomers/Gen-Xers. Yeah, Millennials are getting stuck with the bill for all of those excesses of the last three decades and that fucking sucks. And yeah, there are some entitled loud-mouths who inexplicably want to blame Millennials for all of the poor decisions that the previous generation made and continue to make. But it’s not just Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers playing that game, plenty of Millennials are involved. It is also important to recognize that those loud-mouths don’t represent the views of their entire generation. The “silent majority” is an important concept to understand and internalize.

Indeed, is it any wonder why little progress is made when Millennials and low-wage workers have the lowest voter turnout?

I understand the anger and frustration of having your interests continually marginalized in the media and online, but that’s the nature of power struggles: those in power control the message. You’re not going to make any progress by falling into the trap of blaming the sheeple, that just makes it easier for the entrenched powers to spin the argument around and perpetuate this culture war. It detracts from the real issues of wage, wealth and quality of life disparities we’re all facing.